Wooden 19" x 6" resin art abstracted tray, tray to be utilized as home decor or preferable piece. All trays are made custom order or duplicated, note because of flow each piece will differ slightly 

Pink Gray Tray

  • Terms and Conditions are as followed; Allowable changes after the first revision on any logos are $50 each. Cancellations after paid revisions are non-refundable. Outsourcing print available upon request. The client will reimburse for ordering. Otherwise, master printing of labels and mailers is the sole duty of the client. Non-Refundable paintings, posters, or resin trays. All Architectural plans and design must be outsourced stamped by a licensed AIA Architect. I am a non licensed Architectural Designer, my duty remains in all realms of design, plan design, plan graphics, and residential/commercial renderings.  Be advised as unlicensed I cannot stamp your construction drawings.