Coasters are made from resin which is a 2 part chemical mixture, colored with mica powders and cured for numerous hours and days to become a glass.

Raven Coasters

  • Terms and Conditions are as followed; Allowable changes after first revision on any logos are $50 each. Cancellations after paid revisions are non-refundable. Outsourcing print available upon request. Client will reimburse for ordering. Otherwise master printing of labels and mailers are the sole duty of the client. Non-Refundable paintings, posters, or resin trays. All Architectural plans and design must be outsourced stamped by an licensed AIA Architect. I am a non licensed Architectural Designer, my duty remains in all realms of design, plan design, plan graphics and residential/commercial renderings.  Be advised as unlicensed I cannot stamp your construction drawings.